Times I've made the universe behave like math, or math behave like the universe.

Characterizing a DC motor

Testing how the speed and torque of a small DC motor depend on the frequency of the PWM signal.

Dumping an external EEPROM

Using an Arduino Uno to stream the contents of an EEPROM to a computer for capturing.

Dive Computer Teardown - Versa Pro

Teardown and reverse engineering of the Oceanic Versa Pro.

Dive Computer Teardown - Genesis ReSource

Taking a look at the guts of a computer designed to work over 100 ft underwater.

DIY Suunto Vyper Data Cable

Replacing an $85 cable with less than $15 in parts.

Tube Based Night Light

A simple demo circuit using a vacuum tube as an electronic switch.

Building an inverting charge pump

Combining 5 volts and PWM to create -25 volts.

Writing drivers for a Dot-Matrix LCD Display

Bit banging all over the place

Reverse Engineering an LCD dot-matrix display

Breathing new life into a screen salvaged from a Smith Corona electric typewriter.

Electronic Load

For when you need a really fancy resistor.

PHYS3098: Circuits

Teaching circuits to undergrads. From Ohm’s law to opamps and microcontrollers.

Teaching an old scope new tricks.

Modding an old Tek scope to have a manual switch for controlling the x10/x1 indicator light.

Voltaic Pile

One day I decided to play around with potato batteries, a week later I had constructed a 10 cell voltaic pile in a 3D printed enclosure.

Lists of Top 100 Books

Find the most recommended books and authors by merging lists of top 100 books.

Joule Thief

Learning analog electronics with a simple voltage booster.